Volunteering at Homeward Bound!

Thank you for your interest in volunteering your time and skills to Homeward Bound: Addison County’s Humane Society!  Volunteers play an important role in helping us achieve our Mission.  Our Volunteer Program has been recently revamped and there will be more developments as the year unfolds. Thanks for your patience!

Please read on for information that may help you decide if volunteering at Homeward will meet your needs.

  • We ask for a good faith commitment of three months (post-interview and training period) for all adoption, animal care, and shelter maintenance positions.
  • Children 10 and up may volunteer to walk dogs with a parent or guardian.
  • We welcome children of any age to socialize with our cats if accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • Independent volunteers must be 16 or older with transportation.
  • We do not currently have any community service (either school or court-mandated) opportunities unless they can be accommodated within the framework of submitting an application, undergoing interviewing and training, and then beginning to earn hours. This is typically a 2-4 week process.

Here is a link to our volunteer application:  2015 Volunteer Application

We also have an ongoing need for volunteers who are willing to use their own cars to help us drive animals to and from their spay and neuter appointments at area vet hospitals. This volunteer job requires availability at 8 in the morning and/or mid-late afternoon. This is a great opportunity for people who live in Middlebury and commute to other towns.

If you are interested in joining our band of Transport Volunteers please complete and return this form:  Transport Volunteer Application