Pet First Aid & CPR Workshop May 17th

Join Lora Hoops, instructor with Pet Tech, the premier Pet CPR, First Aid & Care Program, on May 17th at 12:30  to learn life-saving skills for your pet!  Three types of CPR, restraint & muzzling, rescue breathing, choking management, shock management, bleeding protocols, snake bite, insect bites & stings, pet first aid kit contents, priorities of care, primary pet assessment, snout-to-tail wellness assessment, injury assessment, heat & cold injuries,  and assessing a pet’s vitals are among the topics that will be covered.  In addition, this class will have a component on Hiking and Walking with your Dog that will address the top 6 First Aid situations you may come across out on the trail.  Space  is limited; register early at!  Cost of this workshop is $100 and a portion of all proceeds will benefit Homeward Bound.


Bruce & Hobbes Podcasts

Hear more from Bruce & Hobbes, check out their podcasts directly.

2015 Homeward Bound Dining Cards Now Available

2015 Homeward Bound Dining Cards Now Available

Our 2015 Homeward Bound Dining Cards are now available for purchase on-line, via mail, or in the shelter.  The 2015 Dining Cards feature an expanded selection of participating restaurants as well as your old favorites!

Purchasing a Dining Card is a great way  to stretch your entertainment budget, support local businesses, and contribute to a great cause–helping Homeward Bound care for homeless and neglected animals!.

Dining Cards also make thoughtful gifts for family, friends, employees and more!   Please click here to purchase!More on Dining Cards →